Knitting away

Brown blanketI learned to knit before I learned to read. My mother taught me when I was four and although I expect my early efforts were pretty grim, I soon got the hang of it. In particular I recall a rather fetching bright pink number trimmed with green rickrack, which I knitted for my teddy. Who was a boy.

I’ve done it all – picture sweaters, Aran, Fair Isle, Shetland lace, Mosaic (an interesting one if youhaven’t tried it before – look at for a beginner’s pattern), jumpers, socks, hats, scarves, baby clothes. But now they all seem a little too much like work, in the few moments I get to myself, so I’m quite happy concentrating on making little squares and sewing them into a blanket. I use moss stitch, which is the same on both sides, and I make 144 six-inch squares to create a blanket that’s six-feet by six-feet.Blue blanket

And I’ve made 25 of them. Well, technically 24, since the squares for the latest are finished but the sewing up is only a quarter done. They may not all be pretty, but at least they’re cosy!

I’m not sure if people still knit much now. One friend complained she didn’t knit as much as she used to since she now had a tablet. Instead of sitting on the sofa watching TV and knitting she would watch TV and work on her tablet at the same time. But that sounds way too complicated for me. I love knowing I’m making something that one day will be wrapped round someone I love.

What do you make?


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