Giving crochet a try

Unfinished crochet squareLast time I blogged about knitting. I can knit. But I can’t crochet. My mother never succeeded in teaching me. I can nearly crochet, though. I can make a square suitable for blankets by crocheting round, but I can’t go up a level to the next round. So I stop, turn round, and go back the other way. See Exhibit A.

Once all the ends are darned it, doesn’t look too bad. See Exhibit B.Finished crochet square

So I’ve decided my next project will be a blanket made entirely out of crochet squares. I sometimes used both kinds, knitted and crocheted, for a blanket, but it got a bit confusing. With crochet squares, the colours start in the middle and radiate outwards. But knitting produces striped squares. All the patterns went in different directions and looked untidy. If I use nothing but crocheted squares the end result will look much more Op Art. By the end of 2015 I hope to have enough squares – these are 6 and half inches across, so 11 by 11 will make a blanket nearly six feet square. That’s 121 in total and I’ve already made 8. This will be easy…or at least, I hope it will be fun.


2 thoughts on “Giving crochet a try

    1. allisgordon Post author

      Mine too! I can’t believe I’m so bad at plotting as I usually am fairly well-organised, but it’s a constant scrabble to get something that makes even mild sense.


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