Getting Organised for 2015

2015 diariesI find early December a good time to get new diaries and planners sorted out. There’s a brief lull before Christmas comes, and it means when I wake up on the first of January my New Year lies before me inside neat covers.  With so much available online now I’ll share my favourites in the hope you’ll like one or two – but be warned. I’m a paper and pen kinda gal, so this isn’t a list of the latest apps. But they are all free!

I like to keep a note of the number of words I’ve written each day. Even if it’s just a few hundred at a time, it’s good to see the total increase and it helps to keep me motivated. For that I need a small monthly chart; each day can be less than an inch square which means it doesn’t take up a lot of space as I carry it about. The prettiest ones I’ve seen are posted at Each one goes up at the start of the month, so you’d need to wait until it’s posted. If you’d rather print out a whole year’s worth in advance go to These are mostly black and white, with a little bit of spot colour. I printed them at 50% to make the little booklet you can see at the front of the picture.

For a diary and blog planner, I chose This is for a monthly 2014 planner but as I wanted one for 2015 I stuck coloured dots over the dates to write my own in. And I added a few colourful flowers to brighten it even more. If you prefer, you can find a blank weekly blog planner in the same cheerful style at ‘Weekly Blog Planner – Colourful’ at the bottom of

If you want something much more detailed, and don’t mind the absence of colour, there’s a very full Writer’s Year planner available here – It has motivational quotations, pages to note down work and submissions, and half-hour time slots to record your activities from 8am to half-past midnight!


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