New Year’s Resolution

Books readDid you make any New Year Resolutions? Have you broken them already? Me too. I gave up making resolutions years ago. But there’s one I have managed to keep for three years now, and it’s actually achievable. Would you like to share it?

Back at the start of 2012 I decided I would write down all the books I read that year. I wasn’t going to rate or review them, just make a list of the author and title. And, surprisingly, I stuck to it – I suspect because it really wasn’t that difficult. And if you have an e-reader it’s simplicity itself – just arrange titles in ‘recently read’ order.

So now I know that I read between 200 and 300 books in a year, and on occasion I can go back and check whether I’ve read something already, or whether it’s a title I’ve missed.

I wrote mine down in a beautiful hardback journal I was given called ‘The Reading Woman’, which seemed appropriate; it has lined pages interspersed with paintings showing women reading. As you’ll see, my handwriting isn’t nearly pretty enough for the pages, but it’s lasted well. I think there should be room for another 20 years’ worth in the book.

I know that today isn’t the first of January, but it’s near enough that you could start this resolution now. If you do, come back at the end of the year and share your total for books read.


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. thefemalescriblerian

    I wish I had the notebook you wrote in. Sounds beautiful. But I also love the idea of keeping a physical record of books I’ve read. I started my blog to keep a record but as I don’t review all the books I’ve read it’s not quite as satisfying as your list!!

      1. thefemalescriblerian

        That’s such a great gift idea. I love the potential of a blank notebook, it’s like an invitation! Maybe that’s just because I’m a list making addict 😉 Thanks for the link, I think you’ve probably just opened a can of worms haha!

        Thanks! I’m glad I’m not alone with that! It’s so close to picturesque though I didn’t get it for ages!

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