InD’Tale Magazine

InDTale MagazineSometimes I think I must be living under a rock. Everyone has heard of things before me – sometimes long before me. However, on the off-chance there is an even greater troglodyte somewhere reading this blog – have you encountered InD’Tale magazine?

It’s a free monthly e-read which does much the same as ‘Romantic Times’ but concentrating on e-book and especially independent (indie) authors. Hence the title.  Indie Tales and Indetail reviews. Wish I was that clever…

The articles are great – there’s an interview this month with Eloisa James which has told me more than I ever knew about her, and a fabulous account of traditional Christmas customs. And lots of reviews, which I’ve been using as a basis for updating the titles on my e-reader. You can view two years worth of back issues at and subscribe to get the latest one delivered to your mailbox.

Or maybe you knew all that already…


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