I made muffins!

Blueberry and orange muffinI was inspired by some  rather soggy blueberries to make these fruity cupcakes. As I haven’t yet shared a recipe, I thought it was about time – and these are so easy, economical and delicious it’s a shame not to.

Ingredients: 250g flour, two tablespoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, a heaped teaspoon of baking powder. Mix together.

62g butter, melted in a second bowl (it might seem an odd amount but it’s exactly one eighth of a 500g block). Cool it slightly, then beat in an egg.

Juice and zest of two oranges. Make the juice up to 200ml with milk, then add to butter and egg mix. Stir in chopped blueberries and orange zest.Mix contents of both bowls together, then drop spoonsfuls into cake cases and bake for 15-20 minutes at 150C or 300F. Check after 10 minutes to make sure they don’t burn. If a knife comes out cleanly, without any batter sticking to it, they’re done. Makes 12.

I iced these with a mix of icing sugar and lemon juice, decorated with lemon zest and sugar shapes. If you prefer, keep back a couple of teaspooons of orange juice and some orange zest to make orange icing instead.

The trick to making them look professional is colour coordinating the cake cases and the decorations. Honestly, that’s all it takes – presentation makes a huge difference here. But even if you’re using up mismatched cake cases, and your children have gone mad with the sprinkles, they’ll still taste fab – and that’s all that matters!


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