Origami Box

Origami boxI love stationery.  I can happily poke round an office supply shop, looking on every shelf and in every corner, and then equally happily go into the one next door and repeat the process. And I love storage, too – funky boxes in plastic, smart fabric-covered ones: even painted shoeboxes. I surely can’t be the only person who has brought biscuits mainly for the sake of the tin, or chocolates because the box was too pretty to resist.

Well, now I can make my own! I had seen instructions years ago for making an origami box, and bypassed them because the whole thing looked just too complicated. And it was – for the first one. There’s a lot of folding and turning, not helped by the fact that ‘mountain folds’ and ‘valley folds’ can look exactly alike in the instructions. Once I had made a couple, though, I began to understand the moves, and now I can make them without needing to consult the instructions.

All you need is a square of paper, any size, and the directions here . There’s even a video if you get confused by the instructions. If you want to make a box with a lid, trim 0.5 to 1cm from two sides of the square to make a slightly smaller square, which will become the box. Use the larger square to make the lid.

And that’s it. A neat little box for pretty much anything. I’m planning on making some to hold baked goodies, since I never seem to get my plastic tubs back. A little box can hold a gift or some sweets. I already have big plans for Christmas – maybe I can unfold the box, stitch an initial with thread onto the area that will be the box lid, and fold it all back up again. Do persist – it’s definitely worth it!


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