Little and Often

Crochet SquaresAt the start of the year, I shared photos of some of the squares I crocheted for this year’s craft project. My ambitions was to have 121 squares made by the end of the year – made, but not necessarily sewn together. Well, look at the picture! We’re now into August, and so far I’ve made 80; comfortably on track to finish 41 more by the end of the year, if I make 2 or 3 a week. I’m just making them, you understand; I suspect sewing them together will be next year’s project!

I’m pleased with my progress so far. Tackling bigger projects is always made possible if you divide what you want to achieve by how long you think it will take. That’s how I manage my writing too – just now, I can’t write more than 500 words a day during the week, but that will add up to about 10,000 by the end of a month, or a novel at the end of the year.

“Little and often” means that I can keep on at something, and in the end achieve what I might have thought wasn’t possible – and that’s very encouraging. It means I can tackle the next project, confident that it too will be achievable. Genius might be ‘One per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration’, but also needs a healthy dose of application. So if you’re struggling with something, I wish you every success.


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