Vision boards

Pink CardiganI’ve already said I don’t do New Year Resolutions, but I came across an interesting alternative just before Christmas last year. Instead of what are often quite negative resolutions: “I’ll give up….”, a Vision Board lets you picture what you want in your life in a positive fashion. You use words and pictures to create a vision of the goals you want to achieve, and look at it often.

That’s it.

Hmm, I thought, I can’t see how it will work but it won’t cost anything and it might make a difference, so why not give it a try? I found some cover art images online and added my name and book titles along with the words ‘Write’ and ‘Create’. Uncomfortably aware that I tend to get bored with projects, and start something new, I added the word ‘Finish’ alongside pictures of pink and green cardigans (knitted but not sewn up). That patchwork I started in 1979 – nope, not finished either. A picture of someone lecturing to an awestruck audience, beside ‘Expert’. A suitcase and ‘Explore’. Add in a photo of money (hey, why not!) and a picture of a Starbucks cup, inspired by Joanna Basford’s story

And so far? Well, I’ve finished the pink cardigan (pictured) and nearly done the green. I’ve been asked to lecture in June, and I’ve got one trip booked and another on the horizon… although I’ve haven’t gone back to the patchwork yet. And the best thing about vision boards is that you don’t need to wait till the New Year to create your own. So give it a try. After all, it doesn’t cost anything and it might make a difference.

And if you need some ideas, there’s a good article on vision boards in the Huffington Post


2 thoughts on “Vision boards

  1. Kate Blackadder

    Might give this a go, Allis – my unfinished patchwork spread is of similar vintage to yours (hey, that’s a positive way of looking at it – it’s vintage! Still unfinished though).

  2. annestenhouse

    I’m all for this, Allis. Mrs Moneypenny (columnist in the Saturday FT which DH used to get so don’t know whether she still is) set herself a target for each year. EG learn to fly, do a Fringe show. Way out of most people’s leagues, but like your board, a good idea. In the spirit of both, I’ve signed up for the Woman’s Weekly workshop on character and plotting in Glasgow. My goal – to sell them a story. anne stenhouse


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