“Commit to Knit”

knitted hat and flowerThis is an initiative of the UK Hand Knitting association, and a very good idea it is. During the month of June, knitters are asked to create something for charity and send it off to be used or to raise funds. Commit to Knit has a website and links to several charities which welcome hand made gifts.

I decided to knit something for the Mission to Seafarers and went with a fairly simple hat pattern in cheerful stripes. As it’s rib, it should stretch to fit whoever ends up with it, and as it’s quite long the wearer can turn up a brim to keep the ears cosy.Mermaid

Also in the photo above is a knitted flower (supposed to be a Chrysanthemum!) which is not to be worn with the hat. It’s being sent to the Drunken Knitwits in Oxford, who are hoping to string knitted flowers and insects along the length of the railing around the Radcliffe Camera on the first of August to raise money for a mental health charity. Another excellent cause, and my little contribution is already on its way.

And then after that I was attracted by a cute knitted mermaid in my latest magazine and made her up last weekend. I added some star beads to the tail for some sparkle (hence also the purple hair). I’ve just realised I should have embroidered a face, instead of sewing felt pieces on, as they’ll probably bleed if she’s washed. Dash! Oh, well, if she’s a mermaid she’ll be used to getting wet…


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