Order from Chaos

Woolly drawersI had a real treat last weekend. It might not sound like much, but I spent most of the day sorting out my knitting wool. It had been piling up all over the place for years, much of it in boxes that I never got to the bottom of, so I had no real idea of what I had. The sight of some well-priced plastic drawers in The Range decided me, and I was off.

Really, I should have taken a ‘before’ picture, but I didn’t want your opinion of me to be too low. Here instead is an ‘after’ shot of neatly labelled drawers containing (mostly) everything knitting-related. I had bought just two sets of drawers but reluctantly concluded, with balls of DK swelling around my feet, that I was going to have to buy another one. Fortunately they all fitted in one corner of the room, and it makes my heart soar to see them standing there so neatly.

Novelty YarnsThere may be added refinements coming along: the large labels are very easy to read but rather block the view of what’s actually inside, so I may have to make them smaller. And if I printed them, they’d be neater than my handwriting. And really, I should sort the DK into wool or synthetic fibres. And…

But just look! Here is a view of the drawer of ‘novelty yarn’ (bottom) and ‘Mohair (on top). Isn’t it inspiring to see all the different yarns, and think what could be made with them? The bright pink one on the right has sequins! The autumnal one on the left is all fluffy! I have so many ideas buzzing round my head now – I wonder how many I’ll get done before the end of the year?


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