New Year’s Resolutions

innocent-hatsToday, apparently, is ‘Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions’ day – which is a little sad, since it’s only January 17th. I may be about to buck the trend, though, as I spent the weekend working on what I hope may become my 2017 resolution; to knit something for charity every month. I made a couple of projects for charity last summer, and I want to see if I can manage one each month this year.

The weekend was spent knitting tiny hats for Innocent smoothie bottles.  When people buy the cosy little bottles, 25p is donated to Help the Aged. There are lots of patterns and tips at, if you want to try making your own. Mine are the stripy ones on the lower row; the others were knitted by my friend Jane, who came for the weekend and insisted on borrowing a pair of knitting needles. The bobbles are made by winding wool around the tines of a fork, then tying the little bundle in the middle and cutting the loops.

Let me know if you see one of these on your supermarket shelf!


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